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10 of the Easiest Ways to Practice Self-Care

Have you ever heard anyone say, “You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first”? Well that is something I say everyday to the patients I work with. Some people find it admirable to work non-stop and constantly put the needs of others before their own. One of the biggest… Read More 10 of the Easiest Ways to Practice Self-Care

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What’s Your Frequency?

Did you know that everything has a sound wave? This means that “things” operate at certain frequencies. These frequencies/sound waves can directly impact yourself and things around you. It may sound ridiculous but there is actually a science behind this. As you can see in this cymatics video, which shows how sound waves affect what is… Read More What’s Your Frequency?

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Change Your Perception

Have you ever taken a close look at how you perceive the world and everything in it? Perception is a way of thinking about, understanding, or interpreting something. Many things influence our perception of things. Our upbringing has a big impact on what we perceive. Society plays a huge role in our perception, especially the media… Read More Change Your Perception

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Baby Steps That Can Lead to Life Changes

  Following the end of a long relationship with my daughters father about 10 years ago I was in a pretty desolate place. Since childhood I had always tried to do the right thing and always think of others. I had done what was expected of me as a woman, a daughter, and now as… Read More Baby Steps That Can Lead to Life Changes