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What’s Your Frequency?

Did you know that everything has a sound wave? This means that “things” operate at certain frequencies. These frequencies/sound waves can directly impact yourself and things around you. It may sound ridiculous but there is actually a science behind this. As you can see in this cymatics video, which shows how sound waves affect what is… Read More What’s Your Frequency?

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Change Your Perception

Have you ever taken a close look at how you perceive the world and everything in it? Perception is a way of thinking about, understanding, or interpreting something. Many things influence our perception of things. Our upbringing has a big impact on what we perceive. Society plays a huge role in our perception, especially the media… Read More Change Your Perception

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You Have the Control

One of the best things you can do for yourself first and foremost is to recognize that you can only control yourself. You might think you can change others or that others even can affect your mood. Truth be told, others do not have any control or influence on how you feel or behave. This… Read More You Have the Control

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Baby Steps That Can Lead to Life Changes

  Following the end of a long relationship with my daughters father about 10 years ago I was in a pretty desolate place. Since childhood I had always tried to do the right thing and always think of others. I had done what was expected of me as a woman, a daughter, and now as… Read More Baby Steps That Can Lead to Life Changes