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How To Find The Silver Lining In Almost Anything

Reading Time: 11 minutes Trauma, Bad Days and Failures Can Be Good For you. How I found the silver lining in almost anything! I’ve recently had a down pour of bad days lately. The amount of stress and negativity I have dealt with lately has me reopening old wounds, and using negative coping techniques. This lead me to start… Read More How To Find The Silver Lining In Almost Anything

Advice, Self Care, Self-Development, Self-help

Sick and Tired? Beware of Energy Vampires.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you noticed that sometimes around certain people you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or even sick to your stomach? Energy vampires are compelled to surround themselves with others who are typically full of life and vibrant, in an attempt to make themselves feel better. Energy vampires appear to feed off your energy in order to alleviate… Read More Sick and Tired? Beware of Energy Vampires.

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You Have the Control

Reading Time: 7 minutes One of the best things you can do for yourself first and foremost is to recognize that you can only control yourself. You might think you can change others or that others even can affect your mood. Truth be told, others do not have any control or influence on how you feel or behave. This… Read More You Have the Control