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These 5 Things Have Made Quarantine Life Easier

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Being in quarantine has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. My family has been getting along…for the most part. These 5 things have have made quarantine life easier.

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1. TikTok

Most people probably find this to be a joke, but I beg you to reconsider. TikTok is the new social media app that most of our kids and teenagers are already familiar with. This app provides hours of endless videos ranging from people doing the latest dance challenge to cooking, life hacks, and investing tips.

If you choose to follow the right trends or users on TikTok, you could even begin a new career online, find your passion or learn how to be more financially savvy. Check out some highly informative users like; @mrcolekelley, @moneynomad, @selfmademillennial and always my favorite @garyvee. There are some concerns that TikTok stores the U.S. user data backup in Singapore, China; TikTok states that the Chinese government has no say over its content-moderation practices. Personally, I’ve made dancing videos with my kids and friends for fun and, to my surprise, I have learned a ton of tips about life in general.

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2. Griddle

I received a griddle as a gift at the beginning of quarantine, purely because I mentioned out loud that I was considering buying one. If you somehow weren’t aware, griddles offer a great way to make more food quicker. Breakfast can be cooked entirely on a griddle. Fried rice, quesadillas and hot sandwiches like grilled cheese and Philly Cheesesteaks are some of the things you can quickly make with this kitchen helper. I discovered that cooking a ton of burgers for my family was much easier by using the griddle instead of pan frying them. Sites like Pinterest and Electric Griddle Reviews are super helpful when looking for new recipes.

Get yours here.

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3. Smart TV

Smart TV‘s are similar to how smartphones and smart home devices work. They are “smart” because of they can connect to the internet, which allows you to easily access an ever growing list of apps. This opens up a world of new entertainment options; from streaming video on Disney +, Netflix and YouTube, to gaming, accessing social media, and controlling a whole house full of connected gadgets, including the Alexa and Google compatible devices.

Not every Smart TV has all the bells and whistles, so make sure to do some research before you buy one as they can be more pricey than “regular” TVs. I have a Smart TV in both my living room and bedroom. I can easily go from watching movies with the kids in the living room to listening to binaural beats while drifting off to sleep in my bedroom. This has definitely made our quarantine life so much easier.

Click here to see what Smart TV I have in my living room (a definite crowd-pleaser).

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4. Smart Mirror

Speaking of Smart devices, have you seen the ads for the Echelon Reflect, a Smart Mirror. Now, I haven’t used this personally, but I definitely like the idea. I have a ton of friends who are looking for ways to keep their fitness up while the gyms are closed. This Mirror allows users to exercise in the comfort of their own home, while still being able to connect to trainers and fitness classes. The description touts that users have access to, “strength training, boxing/kick boxing, yoga, pilates, meditation, and live on-on-one training.”

Get yours here.

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5. Ceramic Frying Pan

Since we are all most likely cooking at home more often right now, why not get the proper tools to do so! I finally decided to get a decent frying pan. I opted for ceramic for a very specific reason; Teflon coatings may contain hazardous chemicals. Ceramic pans allow you to still get the benefit of a non-stick frying pan, without risk of exposure to these unhealthy chemicals.

Buy it here.

If you have any tips or products that have made your life easier please leave a comment below.

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