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What’s Your Frequency?

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Did you know that everything has a sound wave? This means that “things” operate at certain frequencies. These frequencies/sound waves can directly impact yourself and things around you. It may sound ridiculous but there is actually a science behind this.

As you can see in this cymatics video, which shows how sound waves affect what is around them, these frequencies do cause surprising changes in matter. Some people have even suggested that these sound waves can change or influence ones level of consciousness. It is interesting that the sound waves form patterns and these patterns also seem to follow the fibonacci sequence. How is this possible? What is the connection?

It appears that different frequencies cause things to vibrate in systematic ways. This directly impacts energy and matter (which essentially is energy too). Listening to tones at a frequency of 528Hz is said to improve your love life, restore your equilibrium and even repair DNA. If this is indeed true, can you imagine what you could do with this kind of tool?

There is a massive amount of YouTube videos with sounds, tones, and frequencies. I have listed some that I’ve listened to here. These sounds have personally allowed me and my family to get better sleep and feel more at ease. I have also used these frequencies in meditation, which has lead to some very profound thoughts. If you want to expand your critical thinking, using things like binaural beats, white noise sounds and frequencies will get you going in the right path.

By listening to certain frequencies you can also raise your personal vibration. By raising your vibration you, in theory, can raise the positive energy you radiate and absorb. Listening to these tones is not the only way you can raise your vibration but it is a really good way to start. In essence you are encouraging your body to become in tune with the universe. Ideally we need to be on a frequency that resonates with love and not fear. It has been said that not only do we have personal frequencies, but also a global frequency. If only we could raise our global frequency today. 

My hopes are to write more on this in future blogs to really delve in and dig deep. As you really begin to learn about frequencies and how it shapes our reality and consciousness, you will understand that it is a topic that will never end. Vibrational frequencies impact everything. I could lead you down the rabbit hole further with this topic, but I’d rather you seek ways to increase your vibration and do some research. Until then, here are some things to ponder and tools to get you thinking. 

  • Sounds equal energy
  • Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.”
  • Dig deeper
  • You can experience your own consciousness on different levels

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