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If you own a business, staffing is one of the most important tasks you have to deal with. The right employees will help your business run smoothly. You can attract the best workers and keep them happy with comprehensive benefits. You’ve probably experienced the highs and lows of getting great benefits (or not!) as a job seeker. By offering innovative perks, you can stand out from the competition when hiring. All For Myself invites you to read on for some personal insights into why benefits matter and for some ideas for innovative benefits worth implementing.

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Recognize the value of a robust benefits package

If you’re going to invest in employee benefits, you’re probably wondering: Is it worth it? Rest assured, giving your employees some perks will pay off in the big picture. Indeed explains that benefits can be a major consideration for job-seekers, for example. This is especially important as companies face labor shortages and need to find ways to attract employees in a tough market. The right mix of benefits can also improve job satisfaction, enhance work-life balance, and even boost productivity.

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Support employee well-being with health-related benefits

Research shows that healthy employees are more productive employees. It makes sense. If people are feeling fit, they won’t have to call into work sick and take time off. Additionally, healthy people may experience better well-being all around, which can make them more motivated and productive. You can offer health benefits like health insurance, including dental and vision. It’s also a great idea to invest in fitness programs, for example, by providing on-site fitness courses or giving workers free gym passes.

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Promote workers’ development with continuing education

Further education can help employees get ahead in their careers. It also allows you to benefit from more skilled workers. You thus might consider paying for workers’ education tuition. For example, an education degree can teach workers valuable skills like leadership and communication. With an online program, individuals can continue to work while still getting the knowledge they need. It’s more flexible than studying on-site, and people can choose when and where to study. Take a look at this for ideas.

You can also get some great ideas for self development by reading engaging posts on the All For Myself blog!

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Help teams avoid burnout with extra time off

Overwork is a common cause of burnout. Make sure that your workers don’t fall into this trap by giving them sufficient time off. On top of regular paid leave, you can offer unpaid leave and parental leave, for example. Patriot Software offers a comprehensive roundup of the different types of leave you might offer, including personal time, bereavement, and voting time. Offering these perks shows workers that you value their time. For example, allowing someone time off after a personal loss demonstrates compassion.

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Minimize the cost of commuting with transportation benefits

If you’re able to, offer your workers location flexibility. This helps cut down on the need for commuting, which can be pricey and time-consuming. If you need workers to be on-site, look for ways to make their commute less burdensome. One thing you can do is offer transportation benefits. For example, you might offer subsidies for gas costs or provide free public transportation passes. You can also encourage employees to arrange carpooling services and help them organize these initiatives.

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Support debt-ridden workers with loan pay-downs

Many American workers struggle with student debt. This can make it hard for people to get ahead. Instead of being able to use their paycheck to cover things like retirement planning and saving, these individuals are stuck paying off debts every month. As their employer, you can help by offering a loan pay-down program. Many companies offer this perk, including Peloton, SoFi, and Penguin Random House. Take a page out of their book and consider adding this perk to your benefits package. 

Your employees keep your business running smoothly. You want to invest in their well-being and happiness. The right benefits can nurture your teams and attract top talent. Plus, perks like providing education can build better workers. With the above benefits, everyone wins!

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