Making the Most of COVID-19 Changes

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Feeling a little out of sorts these days? COVID-19 has made massive changes to everyone’s life. For many, our first instinct has been to try to continue living our lives as normally as possible. Unfortunately, this is a plan that’s doomed to fail. The simple but difficult fact is: Life isn’t normal right now. We have to find new ways to thrive. Here’s a look at some of the big changes COVID-19 may have brought to your life, and a few tips for how to navigate them:

The New Housing Market

Social distancing guidelines have changed how almost every industry works, and that includes the real estate market. If you have to buy a house right now, however, you have to learn how to work within social guidelines, as well as sellers’ and your own comfort. Fortunately, there are lots of options available.

Virtual and video tours are on the rise. These allow you to view a property from the comfort and safety of your own home. Use these wherever available, and ask your real estate agent to let you know of any virtual open houses which might stream on Zoom or Facebook Live. If you must tour a property in person, remember to take precautions. Always wear a mask, avoid touching surfaces whenever possible, and use hand sanitizer before and after your tour.

A New Pet

When social distancing guidelines shut down non-essential businesses, many pet shelters put out a desperate call for adoptions. All over the country, people answered the call in droves. A new pet is a great way to boost your mood and get some extra companionship during isolation. However, it also comes with some challenges.

Make sure you have all the gear your pet needs. In addition to the basics, such as a leash or a litter box, you need lots and lots of toys. Your best bet is to pick up a variety of inexpensive toys to start with; this allows you to learn what your furry friend likes best. If your new cat loves string toys but couldn’t care less about sparkly balls, you know what to get more of in the future.

Hair Adventures

Unable to visit salons or barber shops, many of us have taken our hair into our own hands. Although there are plenty of success stories out there, there are also many regrettable results. Cutting and dying hair is hard enough when it’s someone else’s. Mistakes can range from the mildly uneven to the absolutely fried.

If you’ve given yourself a haircut you hate, take a deep breath. Hair grows back. Moreover, a pro can manage to fix nearly any botched style, so once things open back up, you’ll be able to have a whole new ‘do. If you can’t stand it, however, and you’re feeling bold, you can always shave it off. However, that’s a big commitment: Hair grows back, but a buzz cut can make you painfully aware of exactly how long that takes.

If you’ve attempted to dye your hair and it’s gone wrong, put down the chemicals. Unless you really know what you’re doing, hair dye and bleaching can go very wrong, very quickly. You can literally melt your hair off, and you can even damage the scalp in ways that will slow regrowth. Instead of trying to fix it, accept that your hair isn’t what you want, and focus on conditioning. A deep conditioner twice or more a week will help your hair to repair and stay as healthy as possible. Once you can get to a pro, they’ll be able to help you figure out how to fix it.

The quarantine has put us all off our rhythm, but we can discover new ways of doing things. Focus on accepting the moment. Forcing our old patterns into an unfamiliar mold is a recipe for unhappiness. Instead, give yourself permission to find your quarantine routine.

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